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Boost your bottom line & be a leader in your industry by transforming the disability awareness, access & inclusion of your service.



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Amplify Access & Achieve Purposeful Profit- A 90-day online training program supporting you to increase cash flow and customers by incorporating inclusive practices in your service.

Access & Inclusion Is Great For Business

1.2 Billion people have a disability world wide and globally, people with disability have a disposable income over $2.7 Trillion.

In tourism alone, the accessible domestic tourism market in Australia was valued over $8 Billion pre COVID-19.

The problem is that most businesses don’t offer a completely accessible service, resulting in exclusion of the disabled community and missed consumer expenditure for businesses.

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a huge benefit to improving the access and inclusion of your service.

It will allow you to open doors to people living with disabilities, their family, friends,  and carers, skyrocketing your bottom line in the process.


Not sure where to start?

This checklist will help you laser focus on the key areas to access and inclusion, helping you understand where to start and where to go next, so you can begin to attract more customers.

Now, that’s a great business strategy.

One in five Australians are living with a disability. If your business is not offering an inclusive service at every point of contact (and for a variety of disabilities), you’re missing out on customers on your door step worth over $54 Million.

In a pandemic world, when every customer counts, no business can afford to turn away customers!

Flare Access helps businesses create cash flow and growth by putting people first, increasing the access and inclusion of their venues, services and organisational culture.

Purposeful Profit Through Inclusive Practices

  • Effortlessly create ongoing cash flow with new and customers and higher retention rate using easy to implement, low cost, high impact inclusive practices.
  • Create a culture and reputation that people want to talk about for all the right reasons by improving the disability awareness of staff and your organisation as a whole.
  • Be a leader in your industry by prioritising access and inclusion so you can stand out from the crowd (especially post pandemic when every business is clamouring for attention).
  • Engage 100% of you ideal audience without leaving 20% of the population behind by using inclusive, accessible communication and marketing (online and offline),

Doing good can contribute to a reputational – and financial – return.

Social responsibility is an enormous differentiator for today’s consumers when it comes to deciding if they want to do business with you.

Strategies Customised To Your Business

Improving access and inclusion doesn’t need to cost a fortune and you don’t need to get the sledge hammer out.

Boost your bottom line with simple, easy and cost effective strategies.

Feel confident with strategies customised to your business alone. Know exactly how to offer an inclusive, accessible service at every level of the customer journey.

Don’t get Caught Out

Get the advice, tools and confidence you need to provide an accessible service that customers remember for all the right reasons.

We will support your organisation with high impact, low-cost solutions, at every point of the customer journey to create a service that is inclusive to all, attracting more customers through your door and positioning you ahead of your competition. 

Let us help you build the skills and knowledge you need to skyrocket your service, boost revenue and become an industry leader.

Inclusion Goes Beyond The Standards-
Make Sure You’re Covered

Expectations around access and inclusion are constantly evolving and many businesses are not aware of the finer details that add to a customers experience.

These details may not be covered by the Standards of the built environment, yet impact the overall experience of a service and create a reputation of excellence in this area.

There is so much more to providing an inclusive service than an accessible toilet or level access. When you address every stage of the customer journey you will make all the difference for people with disability and grow your business at the same time.

Complying with the standards of the built environment is not enough. It’s essential to address every step of your customer journey.

What We Do


Understand your customer experience at every point of contact bringing confidence to customers and staff alike.


Solutions to increase the accessibility of your customer journey focusing on low cost, high impact strategies, so you can effortlessly attract customers and profit.


Create an inclusive culture with disability awareness training tailored to your service & staff to create an
inclusive culture where every person in the organisation is a point of change.


Site audits to help you understand the level of access & inclusion of your service, helping you to create a plan to open your doors to more customers.


Online access and inclusion workshops for businesses, no matter what size or industry, introducing the foundations of inclusive practices. 


A results-focused program, supporting you to implement inclusive practices which are proven to reward businesses with growth and more customers.


Adaptation and innovation of services to maximise inclusion and participation, building a reputation for good and setting yourself as a leader in the industry.


Maximise accessibility of your events, so you can welcome more guests and be confident that your event is inclusive and without barriers.


Book a free consultation call to see how we can help you reduce barriers for people with access needs.

Book a FREE Consultation call to talk about what you can do to improve accessibility and attract more customers to your business.

Who We Are


Access & Inclusion Consultant, Occupational Therapist &
Founder of Flare Access

Sarah is an Access Consultant, Occupational Therapist and Founder of Flare Access, with over 12 years experience in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Sarah works with businesses to increase cash flow and become industry leaders by creating an inclusive culture and accessible customer journey, by implementing simple, low cost access solutions and Disability Awareness training.

Having previously consulted with Scenic World Blue Mountains, Bankwest Stadium, Curtin University, University of Sydney, INCUBATE and small business, Sarah helps organisations establish themselves as leaders who make a profit whilst doing good.

Sarah is passionate about supporting businesses to break down barriers to accessibility, creating an inclusive society for people living with disability and economic growth for business at the same time.

A photo of Nina Juhl.

Flare Access takes the sometimes-overwhelming topic of how a business can increase accessibility and makes it straight forward and clearly actionable.

The unique framework which she has developed means anyone can gain value from engaging with it and add value to their work by immediately becoming more inclusive and expanding their possible customers.

Nina Juhl

Community Manager, INCUBATE

Disability awareness training has provided us with advanced knowledge and awareness of inclusive tourism practice. Our staff have reported they are more confident in identifying the needs of and supporting guests with access requirements, and our visitor experience has dramatically improved for these guests.

I couldn’t recommend the Access Consulting and Disability Awareness Training more highly.

Anthea Hammon

Managing Director, Scenic World Blue Mountains

Just got to the game at Bankwest Stadium, already a much better experience.

I’m impressed. Thank you for your help! 


A customer with access needs

Book a FREE Consultation call to talk about what you can do to improve accessibility and attract more customers to your business.

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