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Sarah O’Mara


Sarah O’Mara is an Occupational Therapist and Access Consultant with over a decade of experience working in Australia and the UK.

Sarah is passionate about helping people with disabilities to explore and experience their surroundings with ease, whether it’s a weekend getaway, a coffee with friends, or a major sporting event.

Sarah supports recreation, hospitality and tourism organisations to create inclusive experiences and accessible environments throughout the customer journey by helping them understand the relationship between service provision, the built environment and needs of people with disabilities.

As a certified Occupational Therapist, she has extensive experience in disability awareness training, as well as assessment of the built environment and the customer journey of venues, attractions, transport and events.

If we have learnt anything through this crazy time, it’s the importance of feeling connected and included. Sarah is incredibly passionate to support businesses to seize this opportunity for innovation and be future focused through inclusion and access, making sure no one feels isolated in our new world.

The Team

Flare Access is supported by a team whose passion for inclusion inspires exploration and adventure.

Flare Access collaborates closely with Consultants and Advisors with lived experience of disability,  who share personal experiences of travelling and community participation.

We have have a wonderfully passionate team who want to see every aspect of life inclusive and accessible for everyone.  

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