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Amplify Access & Achieve Purposeful Profit


Your solution to increase cash flow and customers that your competition doesn’t know about.

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Amplify Access and Achieve Purposeful Profit, in partnership with City of Newcastle NewSkills Program, is an online 90 day program for customer focused businesses who want to boost revenue and become industry leaders by incorporating inclusive practices for people with disability (no matter what your starting point or budget is).

There’s never been a tougher time to be in business.

The great news is that it is possible to:

1. Increase cash flow

2. Attract new customers and increase retention of existing customers

3. Stand out from the competition

4. Lead your industry with purpose

5. Establish a pandemic recovery plan with a lasting impact

6. Reduce barriers for people with access needs who want to engage in your services

By implementing inclusive practices in your service and tapping into the third largest economic power in the world.

The pandemic has rocked us all, and has left so many businesses trying to figure out

what to do next.

You’re not alone if:

→  You want to do good in your business, perhaps you’ve already thought about accessibility, but you’re not sure where or how to start.

→  You’re asking yourself “How can we show our customers we’re different?”  but you just haven’t nailed the answer yet to really stand apart from the competition.

→  You’ve been kept up at night thinking about how to survive the pandemic, how to cope with the uncertainty and come out the other side with your business and mental health intact.

→  The thought of growing your business feels like a distant dream right now.

→   You’re spending time trying to retain existing customers with no time to acquire new customers.

→   You’ve thought about employing staff with disabilities but you’re not sure how to make your service accessible. 

Your new business strategy

Increasing the accessibility of your services for people with disability and other groups with access needs is your solution.

You might be surprised to hear that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune and you don’t need to get the sledge hammer out!

Making up 1.27 billion people globally, people with disability represent nearly one person in five on the planet.

This market segment is the third largest economic power in the world.

The Australian accessible tourism market is valued at $10.6 Billion pre COVID-19, of that, $8 Billion is from domestic travel.

This group grows to 2.2 billion people, (the market equivalent to the size of China) when combined with their friends and family.

AU $54 million is the combined annual disposable income of this market segment (this isn’t including the disposable income of friends and family).

54% of this market will spend more in restaurants and services that have made an effort to be accessible and welcoming.

People with disability, their friends families and carers control over US$8 trillion annually in disposable income.

In Australia, there are 4.4 million people with disability and with an ageing population, this segment is set to continue to grow.

People with disability are three times more likely to avoid an organisation and twice as likely to dissuade others because of an organisation’s negative diversity reputation.

Most organisations ignore their biggest value driver – serving customers with access needs.

Commitment to increase inclusion for the disabled community will provide businesses with a competitive advantage- attracting older people and young families (markets segments which are also growing in size).

Doing good can contribute to a reputational – and financial – return. Social responsibility is an enormous differentiator for today’s consumers when it comes to deciding if they want to do business with you.

Photo of Older lady at the door to a store using a walking frame.

During this period of economic recovery, no business can afford to turn away customers.

The fact is that although one in five people live with a disability, the average business does not offer an accessible customer experience. 

I get it, accessibility can feel overwhelming. Figuring out where to start and how to get it right can feel too much to even think about it.

 For this reason, businesses often turn away over 20% of the population without even realising it.

It’s a great business strategy to offer a service that 100% of the population can access.

This is where we come in, we help businesses tap into this expanding and profitable market with growth and cash flow without feeling overwhelmed.

Photo of Sarah O'Mara

You see it IS possible to make a profit whilst doing good.

Improving the accessibility of your service increases the social inclusion, economic participation and community engagement of people with disability, their friends, family and carers, as well as the older community and young families.

Amplifying Access is your answer

Everyone deserves equal opportunity to enjoy lifestyle activities, hassle free, with confidence and with dignity.

Businesses and the disabled community all benefit when we improve the access and inclusion of services.

Complying with the standards of the built environment is not enough. Most businesses are not aware of the finer details that make or break a customers experience.

One size does not fit all. Access means different things for different people, so it’s important to address every stage of the customer journey.

Access means more than an accessible toilet, there are many different ways you can open doors to this market.

You can create an accessible service with solutions that are easy to implement, high-impact and low cost.

Icons of people with a range of disabilities.

Amplify the Access of your customer journey to…

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Stand out from the crowd by implementing simple, low cost access solutions that your competition doesn’t even know about. 

Become an industry leader by implementing inclusive practices that most businesses don’t address and lead the way in both economic growth and social inclusion.

Create a customer base with proven high retention rates (if you offer an accessible service).

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Spend less time and money on marketing and attract new customers by creating  a reputation for good within a market who loves to promote accessible services.

Avoid missing customers on your doorstep (and who are actually craving to spend their money) by improving the accessibility of your customer experience both online and offline.

No need to pivot, simply continue to offer your service in a way that reaches a larger audience (who most businesses overlook)

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Grow your market share and increase cash flow by opening your doors to people with access needs who make up 30% of the population.

Develop stronger customer engagement by placing social purpose at the heart of your strategies.

Lead your business now and into the future by taking it in a direction that attracts an ever growing market. 

Societal attitudes have made it vital for businesses to place social responsibility at the heart of their strategies. 

A broader social purpose is now inextricably linked to business health and growth. 

Your host- Sarah O'Mara Founder of Flare Access

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Sarah

I’m an Access Consultant, Occupational Therapist and Founder of Flare Access, with over 12 years experience in Australia and the United Kingdom.

I work with businesses to increase cash flow and become industry leaders by creating an inclusive culture and accessible customer journey, by implementing simple, low cost access solutions and Disability Awareness training.

Having previously consulted with Scenic World Blue Mountains, Bankwest Stadium, Curtin University, University of Sydney and small business, I help organisations establish themselves as leaders who make a profit whilst doing good.

I’m passionate about supporting businesses to break down barriers to accessibility, creating an inclusive society for people living with disability and economic growth for business at the same time.

No matter what level of access is currently offered in your service, I will help you develop the skills and solutions to increase the accessibility of your customer journey, create an inclusive culture and implement simple, low-cost solutions, resulting in immediate and long-term growth. 


Amplify Access & Achieve

Purposeful Profit 


A results-focused program, that will support you to implement game- changing strategies and inclusive practices that go beyond the basic access requirements for people with disability, which are proven to reward businesses with growth and more customers (and which most of the competition don’t know about).

Here’s what’s included

Lady with Down Syndrome doing yoga with an instructor.


CONSTRUCT A CULTURE to create a competitive advantage

  • The key to creating an inclusive culture (that’s great for business) and where everyone is the voice of change along the customer journey.
  • Myths and misconceptions, how they’re creating barriers to your service and how to break them down.
  • The Game Changer that Skyrockets customer loyalty. Learn how Disability Awareness establishes a trusted connection and gets your customers selling your service for you.
  • The How and Why of employing people with disabilities. What you need to know about growing profits, reducing turnover and increasing staff retention rates.
A lady in a wheelchair paying with her phone over the counter.


INCLUSIVE AND INNOVATIVE SERVICES- Making your products and services accessible to as many people as possible

  •  How to create systems that cater for diversity so you can reach four times the number of intended customers (no matter which industry you’re in).
  • Smashing assumptions about inclusion to create a brand and reputation that helps you attract 100% of your ideal audience (without overlooking a single customer).
  • The Art and Science of Innovation– The 3 key things you need to know to innovate product and service development, so you can establish your business as an industry leader.
A man in a yellow jumper sitting at a table with a coffee, signing to a lady sitting at the table. to a


COMMITMENT THROUGH CONTRIBUTION- The foundations to create long term impact.

  • What accessibility actually looks like (hint: it’s more than an accessible toilet)- The 5 key areas you MUST address to attract the attention (and spending power) of this market.
  • What the law says about your business- are you breaking the law? (You might have more responsibility than you realise).
  • The secret to creating a service that will convert (and retain) customers over and over. Get crystal clear on your customer journey so your patrons can spend cash and come back for more.
  • Grab attention by getting the foundations right. How to create long term impact and massive growth from the top down.
  • Making accessibility sustainable (your Return On Investment, cash flow and growth depend on it).
A young lady passing a beer over the counter to a lady in a wheelchair.


PREMISES AND DESIGN- Optimise access to avoid overlooking customers on your doorstep.

  • The ‘How-to’, ‘What-to-Do’ and ‘Where-to-start’. Learn about physical access as well as the finer details that make all the difference. Never again feel uncertain about the accessibility of your premises.
  • Eliminate the overwhelm and elevate your business. Not sure where to start and what to think about? Use the Australian Standards to your advantage and eliminate the guesswork of access, so you can implement solutions proven to increase cash flow.
  • Accessibility doesn’t need to cost a fortune– Learn simple, low cost, high impact solutions that can be implemented immediately to increase the accessibility of your premises, boosting customers and profits.
A blind man with a white cane seated at a table with a lady.



  • Not sure what to say or how to say it? Learn the 3 Keys to maximising customer engagement through communication, so you save time, money and stand out from the competition (for the right reasons). 
  • The ‘Must- do’s’ and ‘How-to’ of online communication, First Impressions last- Use Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make an impact with your first point of contact on your website AND social media. 
  • The Art of communicating your commitment online and offline, Afraid of saying the wrong thing?  Eliminate the guesswork of capturing this market by using my scripts & templates to create a gold standard service (and avoid embarrassing gaffes).
  • Grab my ‘Done- for- you’ and ‘Done- with-you’ Access Guide and Access Statement templates so you can accurately, confidently and loudly share the accessibility of your service with this market.


1:1 consultation with your in house Access Expert, Sarah O’Mara to establish an action plan and set you up for success, making sure your commitment is sustainable.

Done-For-You and Done-With-You Resources saving you hours of hard work; including templates, guides, worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists, scripts and case studies so there is no time wasted and you can make immediate changes to your service.

Hands on accountability, direction and guidance to help you put these strategies into practice right away and fast track your results.

Weekly Live Workshops and Q&As with Sarah for personalised support, direction and problem solving – no figuring it out by yourself!

If you can’t make it live- not a problem, all calls are recorded, so you can watch at a time that suits your schedule.

Exclusive Group Workshops with Guest Experts sharing the strategies working right now to create effortless access in your business.

24/7 Access to a Private Members Facebook Group to connect with other action takers going through the program, where you can post questions, receive support and accountability throughout
the 90 days.


This is ideal for your business if you’re in:

  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Retail
  • Recreation
  • Corporate

Most industries will gain returns from this training, so just ask if you’re not sure.

Any size business

Any budget

Any level of accessibility currently in place

The MOST important is a commitment to long term impact and growth. 
Two women looking at a laptop in a cafe.

It’s PROVEN that if you provide an accessible and inclusive service, you will see a ROI through increased market share, increased cash flow and a reputation that precedes you.

Here’s a recap of exactly what’s included when you join Amplify Access & Achieve Purposeful Profit:

Commitment Through Contribution

Construct a Culture

Premises and Design- Optimise access 

Inclusive and Innovative Services

Connect Through Communication

Guest Expert Sessions 

1:1 Consultation with Sarah O’Mara

The Done-for-you Bonuses

12 Live Workshops and Hot Seat Calls

The Private FB Community

Direct access to Sarah O’Mara for 90 days

PLUS lifetime access of the entire program

Total Value = $1497

As part of the NewSkills partnership

Your Investment = $297

Saving $1200

A man sitting and looking at his laptop.

Spaces are limited to
20 participants only.

So register now before you miss out!

Start date to be confirmed

(Subject to change due to impacts of COVID-19)

The value of this is HUGE!

You essentially have an Access Consultant in your back pocket, holding your hand throughout the entire process (without the hefty price tag) and that is invaluable.

This is so much more than a quick fix.

You’ll learn skills and solutions to carry with you, no matter where your business takes you.

A photo of Nina Juhl.

Flare Access takes the sometimes-overwhelming topic of how a business can increase accessibility and makes it straight forward and clearly actionable.

The unique framework which she has developed means anyone can gain value from engaging with it and add value to their work by immediately becoming more inclusive and expanding their possible customers.

Nina Juhl

Community Manager, INCUBATE

I now feel more confident interacting with and supporting people with disability within my role and I’ve developed skills in interacting with individuals with disability.

Scenic World Blue Mountains

Just got to the game at Bankwest Stadium, already a much better experience.

I’m impressed. Thank you for your help! 


A customer with access needs

Let’s be real


There’s never been a tougher time to be in business and every customer counts.

Money, time and mental health is being pushed to the limit all around.

That’s why I’ve made it as easy, simple and low cost as possible so you to gain the huge benefits of tapping into this market, despite the current climate. 

This program is going to teach you how to think like an Access Consultant, so you can identify the barriers within your service that are turning customers away, and implement access solutions (without the price tag of a professional Audit) that will boost your cash flow in the short and long term.

This puts you in control of your growth, so that no matter where you take your business or how much it grows, you can ensure it is always inclusive and reaching your 100% of your ideal audience.

If you’re still not sure this program is for you, I’m happy to jump on the phone for a quick chat to answer any questions, just book a call here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to participate as part of the NewSkills Program?

If your Business falls within the Newcastle LGA then you are eligible. Find out more information about the program on the NewSkills website 

When does the program start and finish?

We kick off on September 9th where you’ll get access to the private Facebook community.  The live calls will begin w/c September 13th and the program will wrap up w/c December 6th

I haven't considered the accessibility of my service yet, is this still relevant for me?

This program will set you up with the foundational skills of how to incorporate inclusive practices which will serve you no matter how your business grows.

 You will also get lifetime access to the content, so it pays to access the program even if you are right at the start of the journey.

I haven't considered the accessibility of my service yet, is this still relevant for me?

This program will set you up with the foundational skills of how to incorporate inclusive practices which will serve you no matter how your business grows.

 You will also get lifetime access to the content, so it pays to access the program even if you are right at the start of the journey.

How is the program delivered?

This program will be a combination of online pre-recorded masterclasses and resources (including worksheets, scripts, templates, case studies); live Q&As with Sarah and live workshops with the guest experts via Zoom. Outside of these you will also have access to Sarah and the rest of the group in a private Facebook community

What sort of resources are available to help me implement the training?

​Alongside the training sessions and live calls you will access multiple examples of how to implement the strategies – including behind the scenes examples of what Sarah and her clients have incorporated.

This might include but is not limited to: 

example checklists; communication scripts, social media templates.

 There will also be templates to support you to write your own access statements, access guides and online communication.

What if I can’t make a call live?

All calls will be recorded and you will have access to the replays – so you won’t miss out on anything.  You will have a chance to submit questions for Sarah to answer on these calls even if you cannot attend live

What level of personalised feedback can I expect?

There will be multiple opportunities to receive personalised feedback and direction throughout the 90 days from Sarah and the guest experts via the live calls and workshops as well as being able to tap into the collective wisdom of all the other participants in the Facebook Group.

You will also benefit from a 1:1 call with Sarah to make an Access Action Plan at the end of the program. 

I’m super busy; how much time will we need to set aside to go through this program?

We recommend dedicating approx 3-5 hours per week to go through the Amplify Access & Achieve Purposeful Profit content and implement the learning as you go so that you can get the very best results within the 90 day timeframe.

The resources have been intentionally designed to help you put everything into practice right away.  As with anything, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out, and the faster your results will be. You do however get lifetime access beyond this time frame.

What size business or corporation will this program suit?

This program will suit any size business who has the commitment to incorporate inclusive practives to their service.

I don't have an accessible toilet at my venue, will I still benefit from this program?

Absolutely! There are so many ways to offer an inclusive service that go beyond an accessible toilet.

What industry should I be in to participate?

This is ideal for your business if you’re in: Hospitality, Tourism, Retail, Recreation, Corporate AND MORE

There are loads of industries that will be perfect, so just ask us if you’re not sure.

Will I need a large budget to make my service accessible?

There is no need for a large budget. In this program we will focus on easy to implement, low cost, high impact solutions that you can incorporate no matter what your budget is.

I have a question that hasn't been answered, where can I contact you?

You can simply drop an email to where Sarah will personally respond to your questions

Here’s a recap of exactly what’s included when you join Amplify Access & Achieve Purposeful Profit:

Commitment Through Contribution

Construct a Culture

Premises and Design- Optimise access 

Inclusive and Innovative Services

Connect Through Communication

Guest Expert Sessions 

1:1 Consultation with Sarah O’Mara

The Done-for-you Bonuses

12 Live Workshops and Hot Seat Calls

The Private FB Community

Direct access to Sarah O’Mara for 90 days

PLUS lifetime access of the entire program


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