Discover your accessible experience

Know the access of your destination before you go, effortlessly & with expert information.

We Know Access Matters

Everyone deserves equal opportunity to enjoy lifestyle activities, hassle free, with confidence and with dignity.

Don’t feel unsure about whether you can access a venue anymore. We offer you the information you need to eliminate the uncertainty that comes when visiting new & unfamiliar destinations with reduced mobility.

Book your anniversary dinner KNOWING it’s accessible for you.

Arrange a coffee catch up with ease.

Plan a birthday lunch with confidence.

And so much more!

All the information provided is processed by Occupational Therapists &  Access Consultants.

You can trust our expert information will help you enjoy a hassle free experience.

Access Is Important To You

It feels like you spend hours researching the accessibility and inclusion of venues, restaurants, accommodation and lifestyle activities.

You’ve had information provided about a restaurant, hotel or venue that was completely wrong or missing key details, causing endless frustration, last minute problem solving and cancellation of plans.

You wish the effort of planning you accessible experiences was instead simple and easy so you can be spontaneous with friends and family. 

We have what you need

At Flare Access we understand that accessibility means something different to every person.

We offer all the facts no matter how big or small, to help you decide where to go.

→  Level access

→  A specific chair height?

→  A toilet with a particular layout?

→  Circulation space at the dining table?

→  A specific bed height?

Simple & hassle free


→ No more phone calls to venues

→ No more endless research online

→ No more uncertainty with new destinations

→ No more inaccurate or misleading details

 Be prepared with information in seconds!

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