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Flare Access Directory

Access information for an emerging market

Offering specific and objective information about the accessibility of businesses to help people with disability understand what venues, destinations and activities are accessible for them, so they can plan and enjoy their experiences hassle free and with confidence.

Businesses who feature on the platform are supported to increase the access and inclusion of their service so they can reduce barriers and attract more customers.

There is a global recognition that the sector of people with disability has huge growth opportunities.

Lead your industry and increase market share by helping people with disabilities, the older population and young families with prams to understand what places to visit, eat, drink and stay are accessible for them.

Why is access information about your service so important?

One in five people live  with a disability, yet most businesses in hospitality, tourism, retail and recreation do not provide accurate details on accessibility or offer an accessible service that goes beyond the basic access requirements.

There is a gap in service provision for people with disability and this lack in the provision of accurate information creates a barrier to your service. 

It’s essential to provide accurate information on the accessibility of your service so that people with access needs can decide if they can visit, eat, drink or stay at your venue.

Access means different things to different people. Disabilities range from requiring very high levels of support to ‘unseen disabilities’ that require support in less obvious ways.

This means we need to provide information that goes beyond accessible toilets or level access.

Providing a range of details will allow customers to have the confidence to visit your service.

A common barrier to engaging services is the lack of information about accessibility. 

Offering an accessible service and access information is proven to reward businesses with short and long term growth.

If you don’t already provide information about the access of your service, or show a commitment to accessibility in your business, you are missing out on this sizeable, growing and diverse sector.

Why feature on the Flare Access Directory?

A lack of information about the accessibility of services is a common barrier for people with access needs. Providing information about the features of your venue and service will instantly increase your market share and allow you to tap into the disposable income of this sector of over $40 billion.

Position your business directly in front of a sector whose custom you might normally miss out on, so you can attract new customers and increase the retention of existing customersNot only will you attract people with disability, but also their friends, family, carers and colleagues who they share experiences with.

Businesses who feature on the platform are supported to increase the accessibility of their service so they can reduce barriers to the service, increase customer numbers and boost their bottom line.

Position yourself as an industry leader and set yourself apart from the competition by incorporating access in your service, 

People with disability, young families with prams and older people with access needs make up over 30% of the population.

This is the perfect opportunity to attract this sector, increase your market share and boost profits whilst doing good.

Doing business with purpose –
It’s a great business strategy.

Grow profits by doing good

The disabled community is the third largest economic power globally. In Australia, the disabled community is worth over $40 billion and the value of the accessible tourism market alone is $10.8 billion.

Tap into this market by providing your customers with accurate and specific access information, so they can enjoy your services hassle free and with confidence, without embarrassing gaffs or undignified experiences. 

This will make it so much easier for people with access needs to choose to spend their money with your business.

Become an industry leader

Lead your industry simply by supporting a growing and expansive market who are underserved and who most businesses overlook.

The support you need to increase the accessibility of your service.

Providing access information is a huge step in the right direction. The next step to attracting even more customers is by removing barriers to your service and increasing the access.

Accessibility doesn’t need to feel overwhelming, but if it does for you, you might be turning away over 20% of the population without even realising it.

The great news is that increasing access doesn’t need to cost a fortune and you don’t need to get the sledge hammer out! 

You can create an accessible service with solutions that are easy to implement, high-impact and low-cost.

You will receive the support you need to confidently increase the accessibility of your service with access to resources, training, consulting and uncomplicated, low cost solutions to create an impact now and into the future.

Create positive word of mouth

Get people talking for all the right reasons. 

Access information provided by venues is most often incorrect, resulting in bad experiences and negative word of mouth.

Create an inclusive customer experience from the very beginning and avoid missing out on this sector by providing the must have information for your customers with the support of Flare Access.

Open doors to more customers and increase market share

Attract over 30% of the population. Addressing the accessibility of your service will also have a flow on effect for older people with access needs and young families with prams who also benefit from this access information.

Increase your market share by attracting 100% of your ideal audience without missing a single customer.

Three older women looking at a smart phone.

54% of this market will spend more in restaurants and services that have made an effort to be accessible and welcoming.

Make it easy for customers to choose your business.

Offer a service that addresses the top priorities for improved customer service for people with disability:

More information for accessible and inclusive travel, services and experiences.

Recognition of business that do a great job for customers with disabilities.

Specialist planning tools so people with disability can map out their entire journey.

Dedicated information for specific disabilities.

Attract new customers through your door, increase retention of existing customers and boost your bottom line at a time when every business is clamouring for attention.

Access is rarely considered by businesses, and provision of accurate access information is often not provided, which means you could be missing out on customers who are already on your doorstep.

If you’re still not sure, here are some more benefits to getting on board

Protect your business and staff, knowing that you’re providing information collected by experts.

Over 50% of people surveyed reported inaccuracy of the information they receive about the accessibility of services.

Your staff will no longer need to worry about what information to provide or stress about if they are providing the right information, it’s all done for you.

Avoid discrimination complaints by increasing accessibility and providing accurate access information. 

There are far too many examples of incorrect information accidently being provided. When this happens if often results in an undignified experience for customers, customers being turned away or even  discrimination complaints.

You can avoid disasters like this and offer an inclusive experience for all by saying YES to featuring on the Flare Access Directory and take action towards greater access and inclusion.

Save time for staff so they can do more.

Right now, people with access needs will call you directly to understand the access features of your service, tapping into staff resources and time.

Your customers will be able to source this information simply and hassle free, without the need to call. Let’s face it, anything we can do to save time and resources is worth it.

Doing good can contribute to a reputational – and financial – return. Social responsibility is an enormous differentiator for today’s consumers when it comes to deciding if they want to do business with you.

  • NO requirement for existing accessible features such as accessible parking or accessible toilets to participate.
  • NO cost to participate in the directory. As founding participants, there is no cost to feature on the platform.
  • NO committment is required to make changes to the accessibility of your service (although increasing the accessibility will help you attract more customers).

People with disability are three times as likely to avoid an organisation because of an organisation’s negative diversity reputation.

Attract the attention of this sector by showing a commitment to inclusion.

How do you get involved?

1. Register your interest

Right now, all you need to do is register your interest here. Once you register, we will send out all the information you need to gather details of your venue.

2. Tell us about your service

Collecting the information about your venue and service is simple, fast, can be done at a time that suits your business.

It will take no longer that 1-2 hours in total (depending on the size of your venue of course) and involves taking photos, video and some measurements of things such as table heights or door widths.

We know your time is valuable, and you’ll receive all the information you need, so you won’t waste any time in figuring it out yourself.

3. Upload onto Flare Access directory

We upload this information to the directory, providing the information that people with disability need to plan a visit to your business. Talk about great exposure for your service!

4. Dive into the accessibility of your service

Once you’re on board, you will have access to tools, resources, expert training and consultation to increase the access and inclusion of your service at a time and pace that suits you.

This is a unique opportunity to get the expert support you need to eliminate the overwhelm of access and inclusion and create low-cost high- impact access solutions that will have a lasting impact.


Your host- Sarah O'Mara Founder of Flare Access

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Sarah

I’m an Access Consultant, Occupational Therapist and Founder of Flare Access, with over 13 years experience in Australia and the United Kingdom.

I partner with businesses to increase cash flow and become industry leaders by creating an inclusive culture and accessible customer journey, by implementing simple, low cost access solutions and Disability Awareness training.

Having previously consulted with Scenic World Blue Mountains, CommBank Stadium, Curtin University, University of Sydney and small businesses, I support organisations to establish themselves as leaders who make a profit whilst doing good.

I’m passionate about supporting businesses to break down barriers to accessibility, creating an inclusive society for people with disability and encouraging economic growth for business at the same time.

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