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very customer counts

In this climate, there is nothing more important than attracting customers through your door as part of your pandemic recovery plan.

Be part of a new, innovative directory that will position your business in front of 20% of the population worth over $54 Million, simply by sharing the access details of your venues and services.

Lead your industry and help people with disability, their friends and family understand what places to eat and drink are accessible for them.  

This is great for your business

Grow profits by doing good

The disabled community is the third largest economic power globally. In Australia, people with disability have a disposable income over $54 Million and this doesn’t include friends and family who they share these experiences with.

One in five Australians are living with a disability and like many within the community, are eager to give back to businesses who have suffered throughout the pandemic.

Become an industry leader

At a time when every business is clamouring for attention, you can lead your industry, attract more customers through your door and boost your bottom line in the process, simply by supporting a market who most businesses overlook and who are actually craving to spend their money.

Access needs for people with disability are rarely considered, so in being part of this directory, you will stand out from the competition by showing a commitment to access and inclusion.

Create positive word of mouth

Access information provided about venues is often incorrect or missing key details, causing endless frustration, undignified experiences, cancellation of plans (and negative word of mouth as a result).

At a time when every single customer counts, you can attract more customers through your door, recover from the pandemic, and get people talking for all the right reasons, simply by sharing the access details of your venues.

Open your doors to more customers

Addressing the accessibility of your service will also have a flow on effect for older people and young families who also benefit from this access information.

Now that’s a great business strategy!


1 in 5 people have a disability

The disabled community is the third largest economic power in the world

$54 MILLION in annual, disposable income In Australia

54% of this market will spend more in restaurants and services that have made an effort to be accessible and welcoming.


Addressing your accessibility will have a flow on effect for older people and young families

How do you get involved?

Right now, all you need to do is register your interest here.

Once you register, we will send out all the information you need to get details of your venue. Collecting the information is simple, fast and you can get it at a time that suits your business.

We will ask you to provide:

– A walk through video of your venue

– Photos of customer areas

– Some measurements that people with access requirements need to know such as door widths or step heights. Don’t worry, you’ll receive more information about this to make it really easy.

We will then upload this information to an online directory that allows people with disability to find out all the access information they need to visit your business.

We get that life can be unpredictable, so don’t worry, you can change your mind at any time if you decide not to feature your business in this directory.


  • There is no cost to participate in the directory.
  • No commitment is required to make changes to the accessibility of a service.

About Us

Sarah O’Mara is an Access & Inclusion Consultant, Occupational Therapist and Founder of Flare Access. With over twelve years experience in Australia and the United Kingdom, Sarah works with businesses to increase cash flow and become industry leaders by creating inclusive and accessible customer journeys using simple, low cost strategies.

Having worked with the likes of Scenic World, Bankwest Stadium, small businesses in hospitality, tourism and events, Sarah has helped organisations establish themselves as leaders who make a profit while doing good. Sarah uses her signature system, ‘Access & Inclusion Pathway To Purposeful Profit’, to open doors to new and repeat customers and create inclusive cultures whilst increasing cash flow.

Sarah’s passionate about supporting businesses to use change as an opportunity for innovation, break down barriers to accessibility and create an inclusive society for people living with disability.

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